July fifteen (UPI) — Forecasters at the Nationwide Hurricane Heart mentioned Hurricane Fernanda, a effective Classification four storm in the eastern Pacific Ocean, is not a risk for landfall.

The storm, which has sustained winds of a hundred and forty mph, is found a couple hundred miles off the coast of Acapulco, Mexico, and is shifting west. The storm’s normal monitor is headed towards the Hawaiian Islands, though forecasters mentioned they assume it to weaken in the coming days.

The storm is monitoring west at about 13 mph, meteorologists mentioned.

Another area of reduced pressure to the east of Fernanda above the Pacific could also produce into tropical storm program. Forecasters mentioned there is a 40 percent possibility the program could be classified as a tropical melancholy within just the following 48 several hours, and you will find a sixty percent possibility it will reach that position in the following five days.

That program is also shifting west and is not a risk for landfall.

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