The eatery’s ad compared its pizza crust to being thinner than the style designer.

Trend designer and former Spice Female Victoria Beckham is having a stand against a takeout eatery and its ads that depict her as anorexic. 

Sidhu’s Golden Fish and Chips in Wallsend, England, has arrive less than fireplace for its controversial advertisement, which likens its pizza crust to being thinner than the style designer. The advertisement, which is plastered on the back of the restaurant’s shipping van, also exhibits a drawing of Beckham donning a sash that reads, “Anorexic Trend Icon.”

A rep for Beckham issued the pursuing statement to The Telegraph: “It is hugely inappropriate to trivialise such a condition, and defamatory to be so thoughtless with a person’s popularity in this way, thus we are having authorized guidance.” The Hollywood Reporter has also achieved out for added reviews.

In accordance to Sidhu’s Fb web page, the advertisement has been taken out as of five:15 p.m. London time. The submit also states that the cafe has experienced “no official complaint from Mrs. Beckham or her authorized crew.”

“No complaint has been made to us about the advert on our van but with the media hype the whole account has left our workers dejected,” the Fb submit proceeds to read. “Our customers as ever have been excellent, they’re the very best and Wallsend is the very best in the world, but when a joke fails to gets laughs then it’s time to modify. This is the circumstance with our advert as of nowadays.” 

In a previous submit, Sidhu’s supervisor also issued a statement on feeding on diseases, writing, “I as the supervisor on the behalf of all our workers and entrepreneurs would like to point out we identify how major feeding on diseases are and would under no circumstances make gentle the seriousness of people with feeding on diseases.”

Beckham has formerly credited her trim determine to a rigorous food plan, not an feeding on condition, when criticized about her pounds.

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