A potential first-inning rally ended prematurely for the New York Mets, who batted out of order Wednesday after a discrepancy in lineup cards.

After Wilmer Flores struck out for the second out of the inning, Asdrubal Cabrera reached on a ground-rule double that bounced into the stands in left field.

Cincinnati Reds interim manager Jim Riggleman immediately approached plate umpire Gabe Morales with his lineup card.

After a brief exchange, Morales ruled Jay Bruce, the next batter in the Mets’ lineup, out automatically to end the inning. Cabrera was still credited with a double in the scorebook, and Bruce officially was ruled out as 2-unassisted.

In the lineup card posted publicly, Flores was batting second with Cabrera batting third. But in the original lineup card presented to Riggleman, Cabrera was batting second, followed by Flores.

According to ESPN Stats & Information, the Brewers were the last team to bat out of order, doing so in the first inning on July 4, 2016, against the Nationals.

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